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ET-57/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Online e-bids are invited for the “Supply of New Transit Insurance policy for ESD’DTPS.” - Click Material Tender400005900017/11/2021 14:0019/11/2021 14:0019/11/2021 16:00
ET-56/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Online e-bids are invited for the “procurement of bushings of 132/6.9KV, 10MVA Reserve Transformer 9T for EMD-l.” - Click Material Tender110512512982210009/11/2021 14:0011/11/2021 14:0011/11/2021 16:00
ET-55/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of Rollers for Conveying System of Coal Handling Plant, DTPS, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender205210011804100009/11/2021 14:0011/11/2021 14:0011/11/2021 16:00
ET-54/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of C.I. Pipes for Ash Handling Division of HTPS,Kasimpur- Click Material Tender5622755901100008/11/2021 14:0010/11/2021 14:0010/11/2021 16:00
SET-53/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Dry Chemical Powder (ABC Type) and AFFF - Click Material Tender1150000002200021/10/2021 14:0022/10/2021 14:0022/10/2021 16:00
ET-52/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2020Supply of Mild Steel Water Pipe for Fire spray & Hydrant line for DTPS, HTPS.- Click Material Tender214161623604230008/11/2021 14:0010/11/2021 14:0010/11/2016 16:00
ET-51/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of SMPS for DCS & I to P convertor for pneumatic actuators for O&M head of unit no. 8&9 HTPS- Click Material Tender197449118390021/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-50/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of reagents of silica analyzer series 5000 for unit no. 8&9 HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender255028236510021/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-49/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of aluminium forged cast clamps & Rubber Bellows with metal clamps for HTPS, Kasimpur - Click Material Tender216300236432621/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-48/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of Line Trap for Data and Control & Protection work of 220/132KV switchyard for HTPS, Kasimpur - Click Material Tender6200007081240021/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-47/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of lighting arrester and surge arrester for HTPS, Kasimpur - Click Material Tender6859327081370021/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-46/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Erection & Commissioning of pit less Multi-Processor based Electronic In-Motion Weigh Bridge with Rail mounted transducers for CHP,DTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender160000011803200021/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 14:0023/10/2021 16:00
ET-45/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Supply of “Agro based Bio Mass Pellets to be used as fuel as per Guidelines of Ministry of Environment, DTPS- Click Material Tender643000070802860026/10/2021 14:0028/10/2021 14:0028/10/2021 16:00
ET-44/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of SWAS fine chemicals, Reagent and Laboratory Petroleum Glass Thermometer for 2x250MW Units - Click Material Tender201582590350025/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 16:00
ET-43/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Refilling, Painting, Hydro testing & PPRepairing of Co2 extinguisher and cartridge for CISF wing of HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender240070590480025/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 16:00
ET-42/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Caustic Soda Lye for Water Treatment Plant of 1 X660 MW,HTPS,Kasimpur- Click Material Tender255150023605000025/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 14:0027/10/2021 16:00
ET- 41 /MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of local purchase of medicines for project hospital of HTPS, Kasimpur - Click Material Tender478000590900024/09/2021 14:0025/09/2021 14:0025/09/2021 16:00
Short Term E-Tender Notice No.:SET-38/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Online e-Bids are invited for the “Insurance policy for standard fire and special perils (Flood, Tempset & Inundation including all inbuilt perils & Earthquake) for risk coverage of Assets of 2X250 MW plant and common auxiliaries of HTPS, Kasimpur” The Project cost (Book Value) is approx Rs. 2428.47 crore. - Click Material Tender18288911000015/07/2021 14:0016/07/2021 14:0016/07/2021 16:00
E-Tender Notice No: ET-37/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Online e-Bids are invited for the “Procurement of HCL to be used in PT Plant, 1x660MW & 2X250 MW HTPS.” - Click Material Tender285700011805700011/10/2021 14:0012/10/2021 14:0012/10/2021 16:00
E-Tender No:ET-36/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Online e-Bids are invited for the “Procurement of 50V, 100Amp. Float cum Float Boost Battery Charger and 50V Battery Bank set for PLCC System of HTPS.” - Click Material Tender110882812982250029/07/2021 14:0030/07/2021 14:0030/07/2021 16:00
E-Tender Notice No.ET-35/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Online e-Bids are invited for the “Supply of Industrial Grade CPVC Pipe & fittings for Acid/Alkali lines of DM Plant of WTP,DTPS.” - Click Material Tender6432095901200006/08/2021 14:0009/08/2021 14:0009/08/2021 16:00
ET-34/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of Distance numerical relay of Harduaganj–Etah 220KV Feeder for EMD-l, ‘C’TPS, HTPS.” - Click Material Tender450000452900008/10/2021 14:0011/10/2021 14:0011/0/2021 16:00
ET-33/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of ACSR Deer Conductor for 220/132KV Switchyard for HTPS.” - Click Material Tender400000472800018/10/2021 14:0021/10/2021 14:0021/10/2021 16:00
ET-30/ MMC/ EPD C TPSProcurement of HPPE fabric triple for CHD- II D TPS - Click Material Tender271700500500022/06/2021 14:0023/06/2021 14:0023/06/2021 16:00
ET-32/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021“Supply of Heating Elements for ESP of DTPS, Kasimpur.- Click Material Tender432975590850016/07/2021 14:0019/07/2021 14:0019/07/2021 16:00
SET-31/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021“Insurance policy for standard fire and special perils (Flood, Tempset & Inundation including all inbuilt perils) for risk coverage of Assets of old plant and common auxiliaries of HTPS, Kasimpur” - Click Material Tender1141880000023/06/2021 14:0024/06/2021 14:0024/06/2021 16:00
ET-29/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of C.I. Pipes for Ash Handling Division of HTPS,Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender5400005901080005/07/2021 14:0007/07/2021 14:0007/07/2021 16:00
ET-28/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Suspension Bar for Ring Granulator Crusher of Coal Handling Plant, DTPS, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender220800590450005/07/2021 14:0007/07/2021 14:0007/07/2021 16:00
ET-26/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of Ferric Alum (Grade-I) used in PT Plant, 1x660MW.” - Click Material Tender480000023609600005/08/2021 14:0007/08/2021 14:0007/08/2021 16:00
ET-22/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of liquid chlorine gas used in WTP,DTPS.”- Click Material Tender6000005961200014/06/2021 14:0017/06/2021 14:0018/06/2021 16:00
ET-27/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021“Supply of Power Cable for Chimney Elevator for DTPS.”- Click Material Tender146900590250016/07/2021 14:0019/07/2021 14:0019/07/2021 16:00
ET-01/ESD/DTPS/MMC/2021-22“Work of Xerox/photocopies on different paper size including stationery, Ink/Toner etc for CE(L-l) office/ circles/various divisions of HTPS.”- Click Material Tender486940590980004/05/2021 14:0005/05/2021 14:0005/05/2021 16:00
ET-25/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Agro based Bio Mass Pellets to be used as fuel as per Guidelines of Ministry of Environment, DTPS, HTPS.”- Click Material Tender6430000708012860015/06/2021 14:0017/06/2021 14:0017/06/2021 16:00
ET-12/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021“Supply of Pneumatic Actuator for ‘D’ TPS.”- Click Material Tender291695590550006/04/2021 14:0007/04/2021 14:0007/04/2021 16:00
ET-24/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of Surge Arresters for EMD-I ,'C'TPS for 220KV/132KV switchyard of HTPS- Click Material Tender399000472800027/04/2021 14:0028/04/2021 14:0028/04/2021 16:00
ET-23/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of local purchase of medicines for project hospital of HTPS- Click Material Tender478000590900012/05/2021 14:0013/05/2021 14:0013/05/2021 16:00
ET-21/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021Procurement of Hydrated Lime for PT Plant, 1x660MW, HTPS- Click Material Tender205000236410019/04/2021 14:0020/04/2021 14:0020/04/2021 16:00
ET-20/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of Load cell for Belt Scale for O&M of DTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender241500590400008/06/2021 14:0009/06/2021 14:0009/06/2021 16:00
ET-19/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of various kinds of junction box & TPN Switches for ‘D’TPS- Click Material Tender7565005901500006/04/2021 14:0008/04/2021 14:0008/04/2021 16:00
ET-18/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021“Supply of Industrial Grade CPVC Pipe & fittings for Acid/Alkali lines of DM Plant of WTP of DTPS.” - Click Material Tender6432095901200006/04/2021 14:0008/04/2021 14:0008/04/2021 16:00
ET-15/MMC/EPD/DTPS/2021Supply of 220 KV solid core post insulator for switch yard for ‘D’ TPS- Click Material Tender400000590800003/06/2021 14:0004/06/2021 14:0004/06/2021 16:00
GeM E-Bid No: GEM/2021/B/1074631“Procurement of study chairs/classroom chairs and office chairs for (V.P.K.I.C), HTPS.”- Click Material Tender1104745002209516/03/2021 14:0017/03/2021 16:0017/03/2021 16:00
ET-17/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of various stationary items for HTPS.”- Click Material Tender83663118150025/03/2021 14:0026/03/2021 14:0026/03/2021 16:00
ET-16/MMC/EPD/CTPS/HTPS/2021“Procurement of Ferric Alum to be used in pre-treatment plant of WTP of 2x250MW.” - Click Material Tender155820017703100018/04/2021 14:0019/04/2021 14:0019/04/2021 16:00