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T-01/CWD-I/CHD-I/HTPS/2014-15One yearly scheduled maintenance of WDS-6 ADT locomotive no. 04 and 05 in the new CHD (2x250 MW) plant- Click Works Tender398000568800014/05/2014 13:0015/05/2014 14:0015/05/2014 15:00
T- 03/WCD/AHD/HTPS/2X250MW2014-15Inviting “Expression of Interest” from the Manufactures of fly ash/clay- fly ash bricks, blocks and tiles, for lifting of dry fly ash from Silos of unit no. 8 & 9 of 2X250MW, HTPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh..- Click Works Tender001145500008/05/2014 13:0009/05/2014 14:0009/05/2014 15:00
. ST- 02/WCD/EWD-VI/HTPS/2X250MW/2014-15Round the clock (Day & night) lifting and shifting of coal mill reject spelled out from the pyrite hopper or from mill (at '0' mtr &3.5 mtr) of both unit-8&9 and work of cleaning of mill floor & mill auxiliaries, feeder floor &removal of major chocking of bowl mills & coal feeder of unit no-8&9-2x250 MW, HTPS-Extn., Kasimpur-Aligarh- Click Works Tender2482000005000029/04/2014 13:0030/04/2014 14:0030/04/2014 15:00
T- 01/WCD/EWD-VI/HTPS/2X250MW/2014-15Round the clock Routine, Preventive and Breakdown maintenance works of Bowl Mills (XRP-903) and Gravimetric Raw Coal Feeders of Unit no-8&9-2x250 MW, HTPS-Extn., Kasimpur-Aligarh- Click Works Tender282000011455000004/05/2014 13:0005/05/2014 14:0005/05/2014 15:00
02/WAD(C)/ECMD-I/II/2014-15M&R of water supply and sanitary works in residential and non residential buildings and residential buildings of old colony, H.T.P.S. Kasimpur- Click Works Tender194700022134000029/04/2014 13:0030/04/2014 14:0030/04/2014 15:00
01/WAD(C)/ECMD-I/2014-15White washing & painting etc. in residential buildings of new colony , H.T.P.S. Kasimpur- Click Works Tender176800020093600029/04/2014 13:0030/04/2014 14:0030/04/2014 15:00
T-09/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for 2x250 MW Extn project of HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender21750005704400027/04/2014 13:0028/04/2014 14:0028/04/2014 15:00
T-21/CWD-II/EED-II/2x250MW/HTPS/2014-15Round the clock routine maintenance & operation of 03 Nos. 650KV DG Sets & 02 Nos. of 220V DC battery banks and battery chargers, battery bank and battery charger of Raw Water MCC of Unit # No. 8 & 9 HTPS, Kasimpur, for the period of one year- Click Works Tender6680005681350029/04/2014 13:0030/04/2014 14:0030/04/2014 15:00
T-20/CWD-II/C&I-II/2x250MW/HTPS/2014-15Round the clock routine/preventive/ breakdown maintenance of all the C&I field equipment of Ash Handling Plant, Coal Mill Reject system & Fuel Oil Pump House, Water Treatment Plant, CW/ACW/SACW Pumps, closed loop Cooling Towers, Chlorination Plant, Air Compressor system including routine up-keeping of associated PLC / DCS/ RIO /UPS / Battery Charger system & field equipment of 2x250MW, Units, of HTPS, for the period of one year - Click Works Tender186000011353700029/04/2014 13:0030/04/2014 14:0030/04/2014 15:00
T-08/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Screen Plate for New Coal Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS,- Click Material Tender7600005701500015/04/2014 13:0016/04/2014 14:0016/04/2014 15:00
T-38/CWD-I/CHD-I/HTPS/2013-14Shifting/Transportation of Stone Boulders arriving in Coal rakes that gets accumulated near Railway Track as well as various Places of CHP (beneath conv. 2A/2B) in new coal handling plant- Click Works Tender276000011405520020/04/2014 13:0021/04/2014 14:0021/04/2014 15:00
T-19/CWD-II/EMD-I/HTPS/2013-14Electrical maintenance work in 220/132 KV switchyards, H.T.P.S., Kasimpur, for the period of one year, - Click Works Tender422000568850010/04/2014 13:0011/04/2014 14:0011/04/2014 15:00
T- 56/WCD/EWD-I/HTPS/2X250MW/2013-14: Insulation of Pipe, Valve & Equipment in Various area of Boiler of unit # 8&9, 2x250 M.W. HTPS (Extn.), Aligarh - Click Works Tender121200011452500014/04/2014 13:0015/04/2014 14:0015/04/2014 15:00
T-07/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Various Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Level Gauge & Differential Pressure Gauge for 2x250 MW Extn project of HTPS, Kasimpur,- Click Material Tender7060005701400009/04/2014 13:0010/04/2014 14:0010/04/2014 15:00
ST-06/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Slide Plates for 200/250Nb Fly Ash Valves of Ash Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender40200000800024/03/2014 13:0025/03/2014 14:0025/03/2014 15:00
T-05/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Ring Hammers for New Coal Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS,- Click Material Tender12750005702600009/04/2014 13:0010/04/2014 14:0010/04/2014 15:00
ST-05/EPD(S)/HTPS/2014: Supply of Block & Bolt of Take up Pulley of RC Feeder for 2x25MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender9000000180027/03/2014 13:0028/03/2014 14:0028/03/2014 15:00
T-18/CWD-II/C&I-I/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14Routine up keeping work of Control Room, DCS Room, Battery Room, UPS Room & SWAS Room of Unit No. 8 & 9, 2x250MW & routine up-keeping of PLC Control Rooms, Battery Room, Panel Room located at various places of 2x250MW, HTPS related of EE-C&I-II, 2X250MW, for the period of one year- Click Works Tender303000340600021/03/2014 13:0022/03/2014 14:0022/03/2014 15:00
T-17/CWD-II/EMD-III/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14Attending the break-down of HT and LT Lines, Service Lines in residential / non- residential Building/Offices of New and Old Colony, HTPS, Kasimpur in three relay shift including Holiday and Sunday, for the period of one year- Click Works Tender6600005681350021/03/2014 13:0022/03/2014 14:0022/03/2014 15:00
T-04/EPD(C)/HTPS/2014Different type H.T. Fasteners and Consumables items for 2x25MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur.- Click Material Tender480000570960021/03/2014 13:0022/03/2014 14:0022/03/2014 15:00
T-03/EPD/C/HTPS/2014Supply of Miscellaneous Consumable items for HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender6550005701300024/04/2014 13:0025/04/2014 14:0025/04/2014 15:00
42/WAD(C)/ECMD-III/2013-14Canal Regulation and Cleaning of intake of C.W. Pump House of HTPS.- Click Works Tender5173545901050003/04/2014 13:0004/04/2014 14:0004/04/2014 15:00
T-16/CWD-II/EMD-III/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14Repairing work of Electric Wiring including supply of material of residential/non-residential building in Old/New Colony, HTPS, Kasimpur, for the period of one year- Click Works Tender398000568800010/03/2014 13:0011/03/2014 14:0011/03/2014 15:00
T-15/CWD-II/EMD-III/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14Complete Overhauling / repairing of different type of OCB’s & Transformer in New/Old Colony & Sub-stations ‘A’ Power House, H.T.P.S., Kasimpur, for the period of one year, - Click Works Tender265000227530010/03/2014 13:0011/03/2014 14:0011/03/2014 15:00
T-14/CWD-II/EMD-II/HTPS/2013-14To attend the Electrical Complaint of ‘B’ & ‘C’ T.P.S. (Except 2x250MW Construction & Coal Handling Plant), HTPS, Kasimpur, for the period of one year,- Click Works Tender309000568620010/03/2014 13:0011/03/2014 14:0011/03/2014 15:00
T-13/CWD-II/EMD-III/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14: Installation of one no. 15 KW capacity Diesel Generating set at Project Hospital, HTPS, Kasimpur round the clock including relay shift with operator of Generator set on rental basis, for the period of one year, - Click Works Tender166000114340010/03/2014 13:0011/03/2014 14:0011/03/2014 15:00
T- 55/WCD/EWD-I/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14: Cleaning of Boiler & ESP of unit # 8 & 9,2x250 M.W. HTPS (Extn.), Aligarh,- Click Works Tender127700011452500004/03/2014 13:0005/03/2014 14:0005/03/2014 15:00
T-04/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply & refilling of the Hydrogen Gas Confirming to IS: 1950-65 grade-I and purity 99.90% for 2x250MW Extn. HTPS, Kasimpur,- Click Material Tender17900005783600004/03/2014 13:0005/03/2014 14:0005/03/2014 15:00
T-02/EPD(S)/HTPS/2014Different type Spares for Coal Handling Plant of HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender5330005701068002/03/2014 13:0003/03/2014 14:0003/03/2014 15:00
T-03/CPD/2x250MW(Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Ferric Alum for 2x250MW Extn., HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender25200005705000016/02/2014 13:0017/02/2014 14:0017/02/2014 15:00
T-01/EPD(S)/HTPS/2014Siemens, CGL, ABB & L&T make 220V DCDB Panel for HTPS, Kasimpur.- Click Material Tender5500005701100022/04/2014 13:0023/04/2014 14:0023/04/2014 15:00
T-37/CWD-I/CHD/HTPS/2013-14“Dismantling of 07 Nos. unused old and damaged K.C. Wagons and shifting of scrap to scrap yard. - Click Works Tender224000284450010/03/2014 13:0011/03/2014 14:0011/03/2014 15:00
T-02/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014,Supply: Supply of Misc. C&I Items for 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS,- Click Material Tender206000228400014/02/2014 13:0015/02/2014 14:0015/02/2014 15:00
ST-01/CPD/2x250 MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2014Supply of Wear Sleeve with Chrome Plating 2x250MW Extn, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender11100000220022/01/2014 13:0023/01/2014 14:0023/01/2014 15:00
. 41/WAD(Civil)/CCED-II/13-14Concertina Coil/Barbed wire fancing work on the boundry wall of Power House and Boudry wall of Rsidiential Area of New Colony HTPS , - Click Works Tender213320924504300021/01/2014 13:0022/01/2014 14:0022/01/2014 15:00
40/WAD(Civil)/ECMD-II/13-14Annual M&R of Park & Lawns of New & Old Colony,- Click Works Tender7161857201450021/01/2014 13:0022/01/2014 14:0022/01/2014 15:00
T-36/CWD-I/CHD/HTPS/2013-14“Round the clock maintenance and scheduled maintenance after running of 250/500/1000 hrs. of 04 nos. Bulldozers (BEML Make ) and Crane (TIL Make) for a period of one year.- Click Works Tender6630005681330004/02/2014 13:0005/02/2014 14:0005/02/2014 15:00
T-38/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013-14,Supply of Pin Insulator & Disconnection Switch Assembly of ESP for 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender392400228800016/02/2014 13:0017/02/2014 14:0017/02/2014 15:00
T-26/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013Supply of Portable drainage Submersible Sump Pump & its auxiliaries for New Coal Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender150000114300015/01/2014 13:0016/01/2014 14:0016/01/2014 15:00
ST-37/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013-14Supply of Misc. Electrical items for 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender18000000360005/01/2014 13:0006/01/2014 14:0006/01/2014 15:00
T-36/CPD/2x250MW/Extn./HTPS/2013Supply of Ammonia Liquor as per IS-799 (Grade: technical Grade) or as per latest amendment if any for HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender201000228400016/02/2014 13:0017/02/2014 14:0017/02/2014 15:00
T- 54/WCD/EWD-III/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Round the Clock Routine & Preventive maintenance of turbine and its associated auxiliaries of Unit no-8&9-2X250MW-HTPS-Extn-Kasimpur.- Click Works Tender247200011452500014/01/2014 13:0015/01/2014 14:0015/01/2014 15:00
T-12/CWD-II/EMD-III/2x250MW/HTPS/2013-14Complete maintenance of local Telephone Line and their telephone set in residential / non residential building in HTPS, Kasimpur , for the period of one year, - Click Works Tender5350005681100009/01/2014 13:0010/01/2014 14:0010/01/2014 15:00
39/WAD(C)/CCED-II/2013-14 Balance Misc. civil works of unit No. 7, HTPS- Click Works Tender264044130085300025/02/2014 13:0026/02/2014 14:0026/02/2014 15:00
38/WAD(C)/CCED-II/2013-14Providing and fixing /installation of Exhaust Fan, A.C with stabilizer in ESP control room of unit No 7- Click Works Tender192700227400003/04/2014 13:0004/04/2014 14:0004/04/2014 15:00
37/WAD(C)/ECMD-III/2013-14Cleaning/sweeping of office buildings, toilets etc of various offices of NRB old colony- Click Works Tender372818426750019/01/2014 13:0020/01/2014 14:0020/01/2014 15:00
T- 53/WCD/COMPUTER/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Hiring of Computer, Printer& Fax along with Operator for the official work of HTPS KASIMPUR.. - Click Works Tender745000568700004/01/2014 13:0005/01/2014 14:0005/01/2014 15:00
T- 52/WCD/EWD-V/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Complete Operation and maintenance of H2 Generation Plant installed at Harduaganj Thermal power project, 2X250 MW, HTPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh.- Click Works Tender106200011452000004/05/2014 13:0005/05/2014 14:0005/05/2014 15:00
ST- 51/WCD/EWD-IV/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14De -Slugging /excavation of silt from intake channel, of Raw/ash water pump house of 2x250MW and shifting it to within 50mtr- Click Works Tender26300000500022/01/2014 13:0023/01/2014 14:0023/01/2014 15:00
T-50/WCD/EWD-III/HTPS/2X250MW/2013-14: Preventive, Breakdown and overhauling maintenance of Boiler Feed Pump, Booster Pump, Hydraulic Coupling, Condensate Extraction Pump and Vacuum Pump of Unit # 8 & 9 of 2x250M.W. HTPS, EXTN, Kasimpur Aligarh- Click Works Tender9670005681800014/01/2014 13:0015/01/2014 14:0015/01/2014 15:00
36/WAD(C)/CCED-III/2012-13Construction/renovation of road constructed under 2x250M.W. fund of type II, near type IV and newly constructed gurest house etd. , H.T.P.S. Kasimpur.- Click Works Tender282900031785900019/12/2013 13:0020/12/2013 14:0020/12/2013 15:00
35/WAD(C)/CCED-II/2013-14M&R of water Supply and Sanitary fittings in 2x250 M.W- Click Works Tender5910886811200019/12/2013 13:0020/12/2013 14:0020/12/2013 15:00
T-35/CWD-I/EGD/HTPS/2013-14“Performing miscellaneous operational works in all the operation group shifts at Unit No.5 (60MW) of HTPS, Kasimpur.. - Click Works Tender202000284410004/02/2014 13:0005/02/2014 14:0005/02/2014 15:00
T-35/CPD/2x250MW/Extn./HTPS/2013Supply of Hydrochloric Acid Conc- 30%, Technical Grade, Conforming to IS: 265/1993 {with latest amendment, if any} for HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender5000005701000015/01/2014 13:0016/01/2014 14:0016/01/2014 15:00
T-34/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013-14Supply of Misc. Electrical spares & Instruments for 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender281000228560015/12/2013 13:0016/12/2012 14:0016/12/2013 15:00
: T-36/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013,Consummables for 2x250 MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender392000228800019/12/2013 13:0020/12/2012 14:0020/12/2013 15:00
T-35/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013Cable Gland, Straight Through Joint & Cable Lugs for 2x25MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur.- Click Material Tender23630005704700022/12/2013 13:0023/12/2013 14:0023/12/2013 15:00
T-34/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013Flexible Trailing cable for 2x250MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender400000228800009/02/2014 13:0010/02/2014 14:0010/02/2014 15:00
. 34/WAD(C)/ECMD-I/2012-13Providing & fixing of water storage tank in residential and non residential buildings of new colony , H.T.P.S. - Click Works Tender301000397800009/12/2013 13:0010/12/2013 14:0010/12/2013 15:00
T-33/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013, Consumables for Coal Handling Plant, HTPS, Kasimpur.- Click Material Tender120000228240008/12/2013 13:0009/12/2013 14:0009/12/2013 15:00
T-32/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013Consumables for 2x250MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender8770005701800028/11/2013 13:0029/11/2013 14:0029/11/2013 15:00
T-33/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013-14Supply of Mics. Items (Pulley Leggings, Gate Valve, Glove Valve etc.) for New Coal Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS- Click Material Tender5200005701040015/01/2014 13:0016/01/2014 14:0016/01/2014 15:00
33/WAD(C)/ECMD-I/2013-14Renovation of field hostel & erector hostel etc. in new colony, H.T.P.S., Kasimpur”.- Click Works Tender135200015322800019/11/2013 13:0020/11/2013 14:0020/11/2013 15:00
31/W.A.C.(C)/ECMD-III/2012-13White washing and painting works in Power house area, Kasimpur - Click Works Tender5232105681000017/11/2013 13:0018/11/2013 14:0018/11/2013 15:00
30/WAD(C)/CCED-II/2013-14Cleaning of intake gate of unit No. 8 & 9 and disposal of malwa from 2x250 M.W. extn. Power House Kasimpur- Click Works Tender459517511900017/11/2013 13:0018/11/2013 14:0018/11/2013 15:00
T- 49/WCD/EWD-I/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14On line leak sealing Services in boiler unit 8 & 9, at HTPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh (U.P.)- Click Works Tender5470005681000004/12/2013 13:0005/12/2013 14:0005/12/2013 15:00
T-48/WCD/EWD-VI/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14.Round the clock operation of coal mill reject system from PLC (Auto mode) Room, manually from mill site and Compressor for coal mill reject system of unit no-8&9-HTPS-Extn-kasimpur-Aligarh and Routine/ Preventive/ Break down maintenance of pneumatic coal mill reject handling system & compressor along with air receiver tanks and air pipe lines etc of unit no-8&9-HTPS-Extn-kasimpur-Aligarh.- Click Works Tender131400011452500014/11/2013 13:0015/11/2013 14:0015/11/2013 15:00
T- 47/WCD/EWD-VI/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Round the clock (day & night) lifting & shifting of coal mill reject spelled out from pyrite hopper or from mills (at ‘0’ meter) of both unit no-8&9-2x250MW-HTPS-Extension to coal yard of old plant or other specified place within the HTPS plant And filling & shifting of coal mill reject from silo systems of mill reject system of both unit no-8&9-2x250MW-HTPS-Extension to coal yard of old plant or other specified place within the HTPS plant- Click Works Tender102000011452000014/11/2013 13:0015/11/2013 14:0015/11/2013 15:00
T- 46/WCD/EWD-III/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Annual Contract for the work of general cleaning of Turbine area, for Unit #8&9 of 2x250MW Extn. Kasimpur.- Click Works Tender8500005681500014/11/2013 13:0015/11/2013 14:0015/11/2013 15:00
29/WAD(Civil)/CCED-II/13-14Topographical survey of New Ash Dyke, 2x250MW- Click Works Tender192377227400006/12/2013 13:0007/12/2013 14:0007/12/2013 15:00
28/WAD(C)/CCED-II /2013-14M&R of water Supply and Sanitary fittings in 2x250 MW. - Click Works Tender5910886811200011/11/2013 13:0012/11/2013 14:0012/11/2013 15:00
27/WAD(Civil)/CCED-II/13-14Providing No.3 diesel trolly pump set of capacity 4000liters/ Hrs on hire basis with pump, in 2×250M.W. Extn. - Click Works Tender262080233600024/10/2013 13:0025/10/2013 14:0025/10/2013 15:00
26/WAD(Civil)/CCED-II/13-14Monitoring and Analysis of Environment parameters, - Click Works Tender132915015902650006/12/2013 13:0007/12/2013 14:0007/12/2013 15:00
T-31/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013,Supply of Godrej, Featherlite, Herman Miller & Haworth/Equivelent make Furniture for V.I.P. Guest Gouse, HTPS, Kasimpur. - Click Material Tender30000005706000019/11/2013 13:0020/11/2013 14:0020/11/2013 15:00
T-30/EPD/C/HTPS/2013Supply of fasteners items for HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender112000228230009/02/2014 13:0010/02/2014 14:0010/02/2014 15:00
T-28/EPD(C)/HTPS/2013ILMS Belt for 2x25MW Extn.Project, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender225000228450009/02/2014 13:0010/02/2014 14:0010/02/2014 15:00
T-32/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013Supply of Idler Frames for New Coal Handling Plant of 2x250 MW Extn, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender13340005702650031/10/2013 13:0001/11/2013 14:0001/11/2013 15:00
T-31/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013Supply of Caustic Soda Lye Grade on 47.5% concentration basis for HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender24570005705000020/11/2013 13:0021/11/2013 14:0021/11/2013 15:00
T-34/CWD-I/CHD/HTPS/2013-14In Coal Handling Division, “Cleaning of switchgears, control rooms and cable galleries of CHP area for a period of one year- Click Works Tender103000114210007/11/2013 13:0008/11/2013 14:0008/11/2013 15:00
T- 41 /WCD/EWD-I/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Deployment of Radiography Team with remote operated Gamma Radiography Camera and taking Radiography Shots, Processing of the films and interpretation of H.P. Joints of Pressure Parts including deployment of skilled technician along with necessary equipment and accessories for D-metering during Breakdown Maintenance of Unit No. 8 & 9 , 2X250 MW, HTPS, Kasimpur , Aligarh (U.P.). - Click Works Tender7660005681500004/12/2013 13:0005/12/2013 14:0005/12/2013 15:00
.: T- 40 /WCD/EWD-VI/HTPS/2X250MW2013-14Breakdown maintenance works of Bowl Mills (XRP-(903) and Gravimetric Raw Coal Feeders of Unit no-8&9-2x250 MW, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Works Tender135000011452500014/11/2013 13:0015/11/2013 14:0015/11/2013 15:00
T-27/CPD/2x250MW (Extn.)/HTPS/2013Supply of Hydrazine Hydrate for Unit No. 5, HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender122000114250019/02/2014 13:0020/02/2014 14:0020/02/2014 15:00
T-22/EPD/C/HTPS/2013Supply of 1CX630 mm2 6.6 KV(U.E.)/11 KV(E)/HT/FRLS XLPE insulated cable for up-rating work of Unit No. 7 of HTPS, Kasimpur- Click Material Tender20550005704000022/04/2014 13:0023/04/2014 14:0023/04/2014 15:00
T-11/CWD-II/EMD-II/HTPS/2013-14Rewinding of LT Motors above 15KW to 125KW of EMD-II, HTPS, for the period of one year, - Click Works Tender462000568930029/11/2013 13:0030/11/2013 14:0030/11/2013 15:00
T- 19/EPD/C/HTPS/2013: Supply of Branded medicines for HTPS, Kasimpur,- Click Material Tender15500005703000009/01/2014 13:0010/01/2014 14:0010/01/2014 15:00